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Fighting Card Games
The Fantasy Trip: Legacy Edition
The Fantasy Trip: Legacy Edition
Product Description: The The Fantasy Trip: Legacy Edition box set includes:

- Updated versions of the mini-games Melee and Wizard

- The books In The Labyrinth, Advanced Melee, and Advanced Wizard, combined and updated into a single volume of 176 pages, with the index that the original release lacked.

- The classic dungeon-crawl adventure Tollenkar's Lair with a full-color labyrinth map.

- Death Test, the solo adventure.

- Death Test 2, a second solo adventure.

- Six sheets of die-cut megahexes.

- A pad of 2.5" x 3.5" character sheets for use with Melee.

- A pad of 5" x 3.5" character sheets for use with Wizard.

- A booklet of character/reference sheets

- A four-panel, landscape format GM screen

- 17” Χ 22” full-color regional map.

- 17” Χ 22” full-color village map.

Designer - Steve Jackson

Publisher - Steve Jackson Games

Players - 2 - 10

Play Time - 30 - 60 minutes

Ages - 10+
Price: $139.95

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