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Tile Games
Qwirkle Trio
Qwirkle Trio
Product Description: In Qwirkle Trio - three games in one.

Qwirkle is a simple as matching colours and shape, but it is also requires tactical maneuvers and a well planned strategy to score big. Players create rows and columns by matching tiles with the same shape or colour. Match both for maximum points. Create a line of six and you score a Qwirkle.

In Qwirkle Select, with a modular game board and powerful star tokens that allow you to take a tile off the board and add it to your hand. Use the star tokens to select the tile you need to maximize your score or make a Qwirkle.

In Qwirkle Connect, there are bonus point opportunities to original Qwirkle. 24 random tiles are placed on the modular board during set up. Connect these starter tiles to earn bonus points. You will need a keen eye - and the right tiles - to get the bonuses and the big scores.

Designer - Susan McKinley Ross

Publisher - MindWare

Players - 2 - 4

Play Time - 30 minutes
Price: $45.95

Product Is Out Of Stock

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