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Mystery and Deduction
Mystery Express - a Whodunit on Rails
Mystery Express - a Whodunit on Rails
Product Description: Seeking a well deserve break from your latest misadventures, you decide to treat yourself to the extravagant luxury of the legendary Orient Express. But your holiday turns out to be short-lived... the train barely left Paris when tragedy strikes - a passenger is found murdered. The aptly renamed "Mystery Express" hurtles toward its final destination. Locked onboard, anxious passengers spin a web of intrigue and deception. Your mind races as you consider all possible suspects and their motives. Will you uncover the culprit before reaching the end of your journey?

Mystery Express is a whodunit deduction game aboard the Orient Express. Despite their wealth and sophistication, all is not what it seems among the passengers. As you scramble to discover the who, what, where, and why of the murder, you realize that before removing any of these crime elements from your list you must observe the, not just once, but twice. In a further twist on the genre, time is beginning to run out: you must find the culprit before reaching Istanbul.

Designer - Antoine Bauza and Serge Laget

Publisher - Days of Wonder

Players - 3 - 5

Play Time - 9 minutes

Ages - 12+
Price: $59.95

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