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Roleplaying Games
Mad Scientist University Expansion: Spring Break
Mad Scientist University Expansion: Spring Break
Product Description: Catch some gamma rays, frolic with the laser equipped sharks, and chill out with a frosty glass of liquid nitrogen. The students of Mad Scientist University are on spring break, and they're bringing their insanely clever Gimmicks with them.

Gimmick Rules: At the start of each game, choose up to 3 Gimmick cards and place each in front of the player who qualifies as its Catalyst. A Gimmick can be used once per turn by the player controlling it, to give the rules-changing effect of its Reaction.

This expansion introduces the Top Secret Volcano Lair, Glowing Green Radioactive Stuff, and Heliometer Gimmicks, plus 52 more cards to mix into your Mad Scientist University decks. The original Mad Scientist University is need to play with this expansion set.

Designer - Zachary Anderson

Publisher - Atlas Games

Players - 3 - 7

Play Time - 20 - 40 minutes

Ages - 12+
Price: $14.95



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