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Humour Games
Love Battle! High School
Love Battle! High School
Product Description: Love Battle High School is harem anime-style adventure where you get to decide the story! The awkward Hiroshi suddenly finds himself the object of the affections of five beautiful classmates: his longtime friend, Yuki, former student council president Rin, the voluptuous Katsumi, little firecracker Sakiko, and Aika, the spiritualist. Help him sort out which of the girls he will take on a date!

Pick your favorite girl and vote for the One True Match, or if you can’t pick just one, try for a Love Triangle by voting for two girls. You have an entire school day (seven class periods) to make sure that your choice has the most Love for Hiroshi by date time. If you do, you gain Ki, and whoever has the most Ki by date time is ready for the date and wins the game. Along the way, you will control Hiroshi during the Hero Phase, and all five girls during the Girl Phase. You get to decide which order to take these phases each period, in order to make your story turn out the way you want it to. Gain Plot Points by fulfilling certain situations to boost your Ki and ensure victory.

Watch out though, as other players will also be trying to manipulate the students to create their own favorite pair. Other players won't be the only obstacles to your success, as other students and staff members come along to meddle in the action and stir up the plot. Can you emerge the strongest and be ready for the date with your One True Match?

Designer - Brett Finnell

Publisher - Japanime Games

Players - 2 - 4

Play Time - 40 - 60 minutes

Ages - 13+
Price: $54.95



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