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Children Games
Product Description: LookSee is a fast paced visual perception game where players simultaneously compete to win a card. Roll the dice, figure out the missing number and color, then race the other players to find the object that matches that on the card! You find it, you grab it! When taking a Looksee at the two dice, determine if the numbers and colors are either all alike or all different. Then find the missing attirbute and players must race to find the item on the card that shows up in that color the exact times of the number. For example, if the two dice are both blue and both number 2, then players must find the item pictured twice in blue on the card (all alike). If the two dice are blue and green, and show the numbers 1 and 2, then players must find the item pictured red three times on the card (all different).

Designer - Ken Gruhl, Quentin Weir

Publisher - Playroom Entertainment

Players - 1 - 10

Play Time - 15 minutes

Ages - 6+
Price: $18.95



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