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Children Games
Product Description: Junggle is a series of mini games that use the same deck of cards and the animal wheel inspired by the Chinese animals chess game. The rhino is afraid of the elephant, the lion is afraid of the rhino, etc.... but the big and mighty elephant is afraid of the tiny mouse. The games are:

- King of the Jungle, a simultaneous action game

- Lost in the Jungle, a memory and risk taking game

- The Watering Hole, a double guessing game

- Jungle Party, a bluffing and tactical game

- Rumble in the Jungle, a simultaneous action game.

Designer - Bruno Faidutti, Anja Wrede

Publisher - Z-Man Games

Players - 2 - 10

Play Time - 10 - 15 minutes

Ages - 7+
Price: $19.95



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