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Bluffing Theme Games
Joust for Fun
Joust for Fun
Product Description: Welcome to the zany world of Joust for Fun! To begin, gather your pun-riddled Knights, Yetis, Self-Rescuing Princesses, Luchadores, that ‘dude riding a giraffe’ (and many more)! On your turn, empower yourself with Court Cards that provide special abilities and then joust for FAN-tastic rewards!

The combat system of Joust for Fun combines elements of deduction, bluffing, and choice of how much damage you wish to inflict. The in-depth battle system allows you to strike with deceptively simple 1-5 valued combat cards! Just choose your attack wisely, if you aim to do (4) damage, and the opponent blocks with a (4), you’ll do no damage and gain no Fans!

Joust for Fun is a complete strategy game that runs for about 20 minutes. In regular games, Joust for Fun lasts until a player collects 12 Fans (but you can also play the special royal decrees and scenario guided Jousts, wherein the victory condition changes and you may spend Fans for incredible bonuses)!

Meet new friends like Sir Cumference of the Round Table, Dread Pirate Roberta, Sir Lances too Much, Lady Dun Waiting and Joust for Fun!

Designer - Corle Huffman

Publisher - Black Key Games

Players - 2 - 4

Play Time - 20 - 30 minutes

Ages - 10+
Price: $29.95



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