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Exploration Theme
Journey to the Center of the Earth
Journey to the Center of the Earth
Product Description: Descend deep into the interior of the earth, as you lead the three curious and heroic adventurers from Jules Verne's classic novel. Begin your journey by dropping into the crater of the dormant Icelandic volcano Snaefells. Explore a dense forest of giant mushrooms, traverse a turbulent underground ocean, and then get hurled out of an Italian volcano to return to the earth's surface. On your epic journey, discover fossils both small and large, collect gold, and overcome dangerous obstacles. Explore the many parts of the vast subterranean cavern, using clever orienteering, critical equipment, and luck to overcome each new challenge along your breathtaking path. The player who escapes with the best collection of natural treasures wins. Will you direct out heroes on a journey of danger, discovery, and fortune?

Designer - Rudiger Dorn

Publisher - Mayfair Games

Players - 2 - 4

Play Time - 60 minutes
Price: $49.95

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