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Dice Games
Garden Dice
Garden Dice
Product Description: In Garden Dice, you are gardeners toiling to coax the best crops from a shared plot of land. You'll take turns rolling dice and using them to perform actions such as buying, planting, and watering seeds; harvesting vegetables; and moving hungry critters to gobble up your opponents' hard work. When there are no seeds left in the supply, you'll compare the fruits of (well, vegetables) of your labors to see who's got the bumper crop!


Garden Dice is a tile and dice management game where players buy, plant and watering their seeds, and harvesting a veggie for points. Use your critters to eat other player tiles (seeds and veggies).

One your turn, roll 4 dice. Each die represent action(s) that a player can take. Use one die to purchase a seed tile; use two dice to place a tile in the garden; use a die to water a seed (to flip the tile from seed to veggie in order to try to score points); use a die to harvest a veggie (to score points); use a die (a six) to flip a special tile; use a die to move your critter to eat another player’s seed or veggie tile; or use three dice to remove an opponent’s critter.

When all the dice (actions) are used or unable to take any further actions, pass the dice to next player.

At the end of the game, score points for all the veggies harvested; for collecting every set of 5 different veggies; bonus points of a set of 3, 4, 5 of the same veggie; and score points for unused sun tiles. Score negative points for every unplaced purchase seed tile.

Garden Dice is an easy game to learn and very strategic. I really like the theme and there is lots of decision making. Normally it takes me a few seconds to do my turn, but in this game, it takes me a while. Good fun (using your critters to eat other players seed and veggie) and trying to figure out what to do in order to give you the most points. Another words, try to make the dice result work for you. Unfortunately, if you are the type of player that ALWAYS roll low then the game will be painfully long for you. Also, you cannot plan ahead in this game. You have to wait until your turn because your actions are dependent in what you roll. However if you look pass that, this is a fun game to play.

Designer - Doug Bass

Publisher - Meridae Games

Players - 2 - 4

Play Time - 60 minutes

Ages - 10+
Price: $47.95

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