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Science Fiction
Galactic Emperor
Galactic Emperor
Product Description: Galactic Emperor is a fast paced empire-building board game of exploration and conflict. The last Emperor met with a sudden and quite fatal accident. Now there is a power vacuum in the galaxy and you are one of the Planetary Dukes who wants to fill it. Players discover planets, gain resources, acquire technology, and battle space fleets in a desperate attempt to grind foes into cosmic dust. Each round, you choose one of seven roles that bestows you with unique special advantages. Players must adjust on the fly to the ever-changing game flow. Strategic resource management and devious political scheming are critical, but so is punishing space fleet led by an awe-inspiring Dreadnought.

Designer - A.B. West

Publisher - Crosscut Games

Players - 3 - 6

Play Time - 90 minutes
Price: $65.95



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