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Dread Curse
Dread Curse
Product Description: Before ye lies a sack of 60 golden doubloons. Draw yer share from the bag, then steal what more ye may to amass the most valuable stash of treasure ye can. Each round, players reveal couns from their hidden cache to win the captaincy or one of the other seven crew assignments, each with a unique talent for prying coins from the hands of their shipmates. Take all ye deserve, but no more than prudence allows... for the treasure be curst! to end the game with a coin bearing a Black Spot be death itself. Best line someone else's pocket with it lest ye find yer pirating days at an end.

Designer - Stuart Sisk

Publisher - Smirk and Dagger Games

Players - 3 - 8

Play Time - 30 - 45 minutes

Ages - 14+
Price: $29.95

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