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Exploration Theme
DracoMundis (Draco Mundis)
DracoMundis (Draco Mundis)
Product Description: While London's upper crust is growing bored and falling asleep in its posh salons, a new style of club has seen the light of day. The Draconis Club, very much in style at the moment, offers English aristocrats in need of a good rush, the opportunity to face fear in the extraordinary trip to Draco Mundis, the Valley Dragons. The luckiest among them will be able to come back covered with glory, and able to brag about their feats while proudly displaying a trophy worth of the British Museum. Dragon season is open.

Draco Mundis is a game for 2 to 4 players with simple rules, and takes place on an alternate Earth. It'll call upon your finely honed senses of strategy and tactics, all the while requiring a bit of memory and good bluffing skills. You could also go the way of diplomacy and alliances.

Players will first secretly, yet together, create the map, and define the initial placement of their characters thanks to a set of tiles each player has. Then in turn, each players will take two actions with which they cam: explore, move, fight, spy, or capture. Each character has a very specific ability, you'll have to learn how to use each character at their best to adapt whatever hot water your opponents put you in.

Designer - Christophe Boelinger

Publisher - Hazgaard Editions

Players - 2 - 4

Play Time - 60 minutes

Ages - 12+
Price: $39.95



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