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Fantasy Theme
Product Description: Citadels is a game of Medieval Cities, Nobles, and Intrigue. Includes the "Dark City" expansion.


In Citadels, players use the special abilities of the characters they chose that round, in order to give them the advantage during the round. There are 8 different characters to choose from.

In each round, each player will choose a character secretly, starting with the player who chose the King the previous round. Once all the players have chosen a character, whoever chose #1 character goes first. Another word, turn order is determined by the number on the character and not seat order. A player’s turn consist of drawing a card or taking money then they may build one building. Each character has a special ability where the player can use at the beginning, middle, or end of their turn. The player who chose the #2 character plays next, and so on.

Once all the players had their turn, shuffle all the characters and the player who chose the King that round, chooses first.

When a player has built 8 different buildings, finish round; add up all the points including any bonuses and the player with the most points wins.

Citadels is the bestselling card game at Craving for a Game.

Designer - Bruno Faidutti

Publisher - Fantasy Flight Games

Players - 2 - 7

Play Time - 45 minutes
Price: $39.95

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