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Spiel des Jahres Winners
Catan (New Edition) 1995 Spiel des Jahres Winner
Catan (New Edition) 1995 Spiel des Jahres Winner
Product Description: In The Settlers of Catan you control a group of settlers trying to tame the wilds on the remote but rich isle of Catan. Guide your settlers to victory by clever trading and cunning development. Use resource combinations- grain, wool, ore, brick and lumber to buy development cards and build roads, settlements, and cities. Acquire your resources through trades or lucky dice. But beware! Someone might cut off your road or buy a monopoly. You never know when the wily robber might steal away with your precious gains! Similar to the older version but with new art and 6 sea frame pieces to hold all the pieces together.

Designer - Klaus Teuber

Publisher - Catan Studios

Players - 3 - 4

Play Time - 60 minutes
Price: $64.95



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