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Spiel des Jahres Winners
Carcassonne (2001 Spiel des Jahres Winner)
Carcassonne (2001 Spiel des Jahres Winner)
Product Description: Carcassonne is a tile placing game to develop around the area of Carcassonne. Players in turn draw a tile and must place it to the existing tile, however road and road, field and field, and castle and castle piece must connect (another words it must make sense). After placing the piece, then that player may put a follower on a feature (road, castle, field, or cloister) of that piece. However no two followers, regardless of colour may be claimed on the same feature. But things can merge, and that is where the fight for majority begins! When the feature is closed then the player with the majority of followers score the points. Every game is different and many expansion sets that changes and/or add to the game.

Includes the River Expansion and the Abbot Expansion.

Designer - Klause-Jurgen Wrede

Publisher - Z-Man Games

Players - 2 - 5

Play Time - 30 minutes
Price: $39.95



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