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Card Games
Botswana (Loco)
Botswana (Loco)
Product Description: On Safari in Botswana, you might be able to spot lions, rhinos, elephants, leopards and zebras. In this game, you will spot them for sure! But can you guess which ones will be worth the most at the end of the Safari?

Play a card, take an animal. Player with the most points at the end wins. (It's harder than it sounds). The cards are numbered from 0 to 5 in 5 different animals. Players in turn play a card and place it in front of the animal and take any animal the player wishes. When all six cards of a certain animal have been played then the game ends. The last card played of the each animal determines the value of each of the animal. Player with the most points wins. Based on the game Loco.

Designer - Reiner Knizia

Publisher - Gryphon Games

Players - 2 - 5

Play Time - 20 minutes

Ages - 7+
Price: $27.95

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