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Racing Games
Product Description: Bolide is a revolutionary car racing game. Take control of your car by the innovative move game rules! Work out the best routes along the track and push your car at the speed you want, racing against your opponents, and making breathtaking overtakes or extreme brakings. But make sure you preserve you engine and tires for the last part of the race. Beside your driving skills, you will have to demonstrate your strategic abilities by choosing the best tires, by deciding between pit stops tactics or long race ones, and by identifying the optimum set-up to push your car ahead of all others. Unforseen events; risky situations, ruled by the die, will add a touch of the unexpected to the race, improving the level of simulation and play.

Designer - Rio Grande Games

Publisher - Rio Grande Games

Players - 2 - 8

Play Time - 60 minutes
Price: $53.95



* All currencies are in Canadian dollars.

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