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Exploration Theme
Product Description: Set in what is now Idaho in times before arrival of the white man. The only inhabitants are the Nez Perce, a native American nation of fierce warriors. They lead a peaceful, partly nomadic existence. During hunting, fishing, and gathering season, they set out from their winter quarters and wander in bands from one hunting ground to another to catch bison and wild turkeys, and to fish for salmon. In Bison, players lead a band of hunters and set out to find hunting grounds and rivers for fishing. The players try to amass as many provisions as possible. For when the first snowfalls, all hunting bands must return to their common winter quarters. The player who supplies their nation with most provisions for the harsh winter to come, will be the most respected warrior and win the game.

Designer - Wolfgang Kramer, Michael Kiesling

Publisher - Mayfair Games

Players - 2 - 4

Play Time - 90 minutes
Price: $35.95

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