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Dice Games
Bang! Dice Game
Bang! Dice Game
Product Description: In the Wild West, the eternal battle between the Law and the Outlaws keeps heating up. Suddenly, a rain of arrows darken the sky: it's an Indian attack. Are you bold enough to keep up with the Indians? Do you have the courage to challenge your fate? Can you expose and defeat the ruthless gunmen around you? All the excitement of Bang! but now with dice.


At the beginning of the game, each player is given a role card. The Sheriff reveals themselves, but all other players keep their role a secret. If you are the Sheriff, you win when all the Outlaw and Renegades are eliminated. If you are the Outlaw, you win when the Sheriff is eliminates. If you are the Deputy, you win when the Sheriff wins, and if you are the Renegade, you must be last player standing to win.

On a player’s turn, roll all 5 dice’ choose to keep any number of dice and reroll the rest. Repeat. Then resolve dice results.

The symbol on the die has different effects. Any player(s) that run out of life points are out of the game. Game ends when a player’s goal from their role card is achieved.

if you enjoy King of Tokyo, Bang! The Dice Game is very similar but a much quicker game!

Designer - Michael Palm and Lukas Zach

Publisher - daVinci Games

Players - 3 - 8

Play Time - 15 minutes
Price: $24.95



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