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Historical/ Mythical/ Political
Age of Gods
Age of Gods
Product Description: You play the role of a God. And since your domain is Death, Wisdom, War, Love, or Vengeance, you will have to do everything in your power to ensure that the wretched denizens of this planet work to glorify you and to prepare for your reign. Choose from 12 unique gods tinkering with the destinies of 24 fabulous races, each with special abilities. Spur your armies to world conquest, speculate on the abilities of your adversaries, manage your military and technological progression and most of all, don't forget to keep your agenda well concealed. The greatest conquerors only reveal themselves at the last minutes.

Designer - Croc

Publisher - Asmodee Edition

Players - 3 - 5

Play Time - 90 minutes
Price: $44.95



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