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Card Games
Ace Detective
Ace Detective
Product Description: Ace Detective is a Story Telling card game that rewards imagination and the turn of a good tale. Play your cards right, tell your story, and be rewarded the Plot Points needed to place clues on the suspects of the crime. But be careful, everyone in this gritty city is competing to tell his/her own story to become the true Ace Detective.

The year is 1941. Within 8 months, the United States will join in the war raging in Europe and brewing in the Pacific. However for the moment, the lives of most Americans continue in relative peace... unless you live in the City by the Bay.

In San Francisco... crimes, mysteries, and good old fashioned murder present unique challenges to detective and residents alike - especially if you happen to be a detective investigating a dirty backroom deal inside a Neon lit nightclub, or a future criminal plotting against a spouse under a flickering streetlamp. It is up to you, the players, to create the story.


Ace Detective is a storytelling game, set in the pulp fiction novels and movies of the 1940’s through the 1960’s. Players collectively create a story and strive to solve the crime by playing the most of their Clue Tokens on a guilty suspect. In one of the game mode, the player with their most Clue Tokens on the guilty suspect wins. Another variant of the game, player rate each other’s story after each turn, and the player with the most points wins.

In either game mode, players play cards to create a “Story Chain”. When playing card(s), it must match the required icon from the previous card played. If the card does match, then the player weave a story, based on the image on the card, and/or the text on the card. Card type includes Danger Card; Place or City Card; Mood Card; and Clue Card. Played Clue Card allows the player to play their Clue Token on a suspect.

When played with the right people, using the right imagination, Ace Detective is a fun storytelling game.

Designer - Richard Launius

Publisher - Popular Publication Inc.

Players - 2 - 5

Play Time - 45 - 90 minutes

Ages - 14+
Price: $49.95



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