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Historical/ Mythical/ Political
1955 - The War of Espionage
1955 - The War of Espionage
Product Description: 1955 is a card game where each player takes control of the covert affairs of a Faction. Players alternate turns in which they play card combos and maneuver their spy across the globe to strike at their opponent's weak spot. Each turn sees the hearts and minds of the world's population influenced by the actions of the master spies until finally, a country's people rise up and join that player's faction. Once a Faction has solidified their propaganda control over the people of three different countries, that Faction wields enough influence in the global theater to control events throughout the remainder of the Cold War.

Designer - Kevin G. Nunn

Publisher - Z-Man Games

Players - 2

Play Time - 30 minutes

Ages - 14+
Price: $26.95



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