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Mystery and Deduction
Product Description: When the clock strikes the 11th hour, the Ragnarok will begin. The Chosen One rushes through the streets of Turin, in a race against time to save the world, chased by the spirit of the Wold God Fenrir... the mystic "Song of Making" must be played upon the Inscruptable Organ of Eternity, or the world as we know it will vanish in the final battle between the gods.... but who is the Chosen One? And where is the organ hidden? Can you solve the mystery in time?

"011" is an investigation adventure set in a steampunk world teetering near the end of time...

Designer - Marco Valtriani

Publisher - Elfin Werks

Players - 3 - 6

Play Time - 90 minutes

Ages - 10+
Price: $69.95



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