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City/ Territory Building
Power Grid: The First Sparks
Power Grid: The First Sparks
Product Description: In Power Grid: The First Spark, each player is the leader of a clan trying to survive during the Stone Age. The clans try to improve their abilities as hunters and gatherers with the help of different novel hunting weapons like fishing rods or spears. With additional food, they are able to spread out and increase their numbers. They also need to discover different innovative technologies, so that they learn to control fire, or speech, or even increase their intelligence to have a better chance to survive. Players start as pure hunters and gatherers and need to keep track on new developments such as agriculture. The player with a fully developed clan size will win this game.

Designer - Friedemann Friese

Publisher - Rio Grande Games

Players - 2 - 6

Play Time - 60 minutes
Price: $48.95



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