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High Society
High Society
Product Description: The late 19th century was a time of booming growth and boundless opportunity. Emerging industries made some Americans rich overnight, rewarding them with stunning wealth and a permanent place in history. They spent vast amounts of money purchasing old and new world display of wealth. But around every corner, disaster lurks. Status and worldly possessions were always vulnerable to scandal, theft and tragedy.

In High Society, count yourself among this group of the most influential and wealth. You start with a personal fortune in cash and spend it on ostentatious possessions and status symbols while attempting to avoid threatening calamities. Can you emerge victorious by amassing the greatest collection of possessions while still retaining more of your cash than at least one of your High Society rivals?

Designer - Reiner Knizia

Publisher - Gryphon Games

Players - 3 - 5

Play Time - 40 minutes
Price: $35.95



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