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City/ Territory Building
Edo - Tokyo 1603 to 1868
Edo - Tokyo 1603 to 1868
Product Description: Japan from 1603 until 1868 - the Shoguns of Tokugawa family rule the land. The fishing village EDO becomes the new seat of government and soon emerges into the most important city of Japan - known as Tokyo today. Assuming the role of Daimyos, the players contribute to the development of Edo. They engage in trading, build houses and castles and thus increase their reputation with the Shogun.

Cunningly choosing one's actions and skillfully planning the right time of their deployment is a great advantage and will help to win the game. Edo is an extraordinary strategy game involving a completely new planning mechanism.

Designer - Louis and Stefan Malz

Publisher - Queen Games

Players - 2 - 4

Play Time - 60 minutes

Ages - 12+
Price: $62.95



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