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Rails/ Train Games
Age of Steam: Mississippi Steamboats and Golden Spike
Age of Steam: Mississippi Steamboats and Golden Spike

Product Description: Age of Steam: Mississippi Steamboats expansion takes place on the great Mississippi River, where Steamboats were used in conjunction with the railroads to quickly and efficiently deliver goods throughout the Midwest. Special features on this map are centered around up to 8 Mississippi River Steamboats that are built by the players, move on the river and also accept and deliver goods.

Age of Steam: Golden Spike takes place in 1860's Western USA, where the Union Pacific Railroad and the Central Pacific Railroad raced towards each other in order to complete the first transcontinental railroad system with the Golden Spike. This is a team-dependant map, with players delivering goods to cities along the main route to build more track towards Promontory; if one side reaches before the other, their opponents are eliminated.

Designer - Ted Alspach

Publisher - Bezier Games

Players - 3 - 6

Play Time - 2 hours
Price: $35.95



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