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Roleplaying Games
Aye, Dark Overlord !
Aye, Dark Overlord !
Product Description: Aye, Dark Overlord! is a fantasy party game filled with humor, fast to play and easy to learn. Each player is an evil goblin servant of the evil Dark Overlord (Rigor Mortis, the Master of all Evils). All the servants are gathered at the Dark Overlord knees to explain why they brought that last important mission, ordered by 'His evil Excellence' himself, to a failure again. Panic wraps you in its freezing grip, what can you do to save your poor skin? Could you say you are not the one to blame, but your inept companions? Yes of course, that is the solution! There is only one little problem: they probably have exactly the same idea... and the Dark Overlord it's not known by his mercifulness. This fantastic role-playing game is all about telling lies and shifting the blame on your poor fellow ones, so the right Wrath of your Master can give them what they deserve!

Designer - Riccardo Crosa

Publisher - Fantasy Flight Games

Players - 4 - 16

Play Time - 30 minutes
Price: $29.95



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